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6th MJSA NY Orchid Dinner '07

 This year we are going to give away a Spirflame® Karat250 to a lucky attendee of the 6th MJSA NY Orchid Dinner.

Text of the invitation of Ganoskin

This year, thanks to the generosity of Spirig Advanced Technologies and Gary Miller, we have an incredible door prize, the Grand Prize; the Spirflame Karat 250, a very elegant, sophisticated hydrogen/oxygen generator torch system. This unit is valued at $3,950 and will be given away to one lucky attendee. Gary Miller will have the unit with him and demonstrate it. Spirig Advanced Technologies will cover the related delivery and training costs (limited to the USA).

6th MJSA NY Orchid Dinner '07


The winner of the Grand Prize at the Big Apple Orchid Dinner, a Spirflame® Karat 250, is

Mr. Bruce Tarbox of Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

The Orchid Dinner is held each year at the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) Faculty Dining Room, during the MJSA Expo New York.

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