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Ordering Info - SPIRIG at your doorstep!

It is Easy and Safe to Order from Spirig Switzerland!

Customers enjoy an automatic basic US$200 credit line. No need for prepayment - exceptions possible.

SPIRIG customers enjoy through Spirig special low cost courier export door-to-door freight rates (DDU incl. customs clearance).

Spirig prepays the DDU freight costs. Spirig then bills the prepaid freight costs door to door shipping charges on the customer invoice. Spirig prices do include standard export packaging.

If you need a transport insurance, please let us know.

The courier DDU freight cost does include costs for local import and customs clearance services by the courier service at destination. It does not include local customs, local import duties or local taxes (VAT). To minimize import procedures/costs customers preferably would have its own VAT clearence account with the centralized VAT authorities. Some EU countries might not have this procedure and the courier service might add an extra charge e.g. in UK it is approximately GBP 11.00 per shipment.

The courier service bills these third party costs (customs, duties, taxes, VAT) directly to the customer and also collects it from customer. Preferably the goods receiving party would have their own courier service account. The courier service would then charge these third party costs direct to this customer account. This will speed up the delivery considerably. Provide with your order to Spirig your account number.

There are no customs for imports of Swiss made Spirig products to EU member countries in Europe. Local VAT applies and is charged by courier service direct to customer.

Couriers delivers parcels within 2 to 3 days in Europe, and 3 to 5 days in the rest of the world.

Spirig also works with major conventional freight forwarders like DHL/Danzas, BAX Global, Transco, Schenker, Panalpina, Dachser, Schneider, Geo Logistics and others.
In any shipping case Spirig, with now over 31 years of international business experience, will recommand the best and most economic way to deliver the goods to your doorstep.

If you have your own preferred courier or freight agent service, please indicate this on your order!



    1. Customer faxes or e-mails his price request/order to Spirig FAX (+41) 55 222 6969 or sends the e-mail to info{at}spirig.com indicating in which currency the quote shall be issued. In Europe we usually quote in EURO to EU country members, GB£ to Great Britain and overseas we quote in US$.
    2. Spirig returns the confirmation or quote including the transport costs by a courier service. This quote is a fixed and final price valid for 60 days.
    3. Customer accepts the quote and gives his OK.
    4. Spirig issues the invoice and ships within 10 days. Depends on nature of products ordered.
    5. Customer pays the invoice within 30 days after invoice issue date. Customers sends a bankers check or uses an electronic bank-to-bank fund transfer. Our bank and account number details are shown on the invoice. The transfering party (sender) pays the bank charges on his banking side. We also accept Mastercard or Visa.
    6. New customer?
      Spirig establishes an immediate credit line of US$ 200.-
    7. How to establish higher credit limits?
      Ask for special instructions. Based on trade and bank references Spirig can extend credit lines and terms of payments. Spirig can refuse to extend a credit line by any reasons.

Up to ten booklets CelsiStrip®, CelsiDot®, CelsiPoint® or CelsiClock® Temperature Indicating Labels can be mailed as a registered airmail letter. Postage charged for registered letter is fixed at swissfrancs CHF 9.- in Europe and CHF 14.- to the rest of world.

AIRFREIGHT is for low weight items, like our temperature indicating labels, an expensive freight method.


SPIRIG SERVICES A WORLDWIDE CUSTOMER BASE from either Swiss or US-based warehouse with customers like: Intel, Motorola, IBM, Texas Instruments, General Electrics, General Motors, Ford, Daimler Chrysler, Siemens, Bosch, Infineon, Pentax, TSMC, Hoechst Chemicals, Sanofi, Boeing, Airbus, ... the customer's list reading like the Who's who of manufacturing and research organisations worldwide.


  • Rapperswil, Switzerland Phone: +41 55 222 69 00
  • Springfield, MA, USA Toll-free Number: 1-866-977-4744
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